Galleri Kindt-Larsen – design & art counselling

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Galleri Kindt-Larsen is counselling on interior furnishing & art for private homes and company domiciles. The act of problem solving and the constant dialogue with the customer – creating the right solution is to us delightful and interesting – and as often the end result becomes optimal!

In our opinion the interaction between design and art will broaden the eyes of the employees for innovation and creativity and will improve best practice.

  • Reception or waiting room is part of the customers first impressions. It is very important how you welcome them.
  • In the meeting room the paintings creates an atmosphere that can inspire to new ideas or be a neutral background for important desicions.
  • I the employee dining room there is a need for a quiet and calm balance when the employees have their break.

We work with the entity of the entire room from a functional and innovative perspective. Art and design contributes to a prosperous work environment. So our counselling will origin from interviews about company values and desire for change. We would like to be available during the whole process. From the drawing board to the final result.

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