Astellas Pharmaceuticals – Head Offices


In the process of establishing our new nordic head office we wanted from the very beginning artworks as a necessity – and delicately combined with the other designs of the fitting out of the premises. It has been of utmost importance to create a motivating and inspirering framework for our employees and it is here
S K-L paintings serves as a vital part of a dynamic work environment.
With success Svend Kindt-Larsens paintings was exhibited in our old offices and we specifically wanted his artworks permanently in the dining room, reception area, offices and meeting rooms.
The paintings are specially created for us and they are positively commented by everyone and serve to increase the daily joy of work at the office.
To be in beautiful surroundings certainly enhance the well being of a committed workforce.

Tina Kepka
HR Director, Astellas Pharma

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