1 minute video about Artist Svend Kindt-Larsen

Artist Svend Kindt-Larsen’s path to the painting

Svend Kindt-Larsen has been working through 25 years as an artist. He has built a solid experience from exhibitions and tailored many private companies with his paintings as well as private collectors and as owner of Galleri Kindt-Larsen.

Svend often works several years on a painting if it doesn’t turn out as he pleases. Going back and forth, adding new techniques, turning the painting upside down and setting it aside not looking at it for several months before returning – Maybe something has happened in my life in the meantime and I will look differently at the painting. I have a strong urge to use warm colours. Colours full of life, making people exited and happy, says Svend Kindt-Larsen who’s paintings never turn out heavy and dark.

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Moods, color harmonies and stories

My art is moods, colour harmonies and stories that originates from the sum of all that I have seen and experienced globally and back home. Embryos, life and death – the most amazing in life, where we are all equal regardless being rich or poor, stupid or smart.

Passion, love and the birth of his daughters appears in many of Svend Kindt-Larsens artworks.

In our memory we store everything we have experienced in life.
The wider our horizon has become – the more we can extract.

As a son of a merchant family a carer as an artist was not exactly the most obvious choice for Svend Kindt-Larsen. The path became quite long. After high school he studied Master of Science in Economics, a merchant degree at night school and got a job as a stockbroker. The bookish was never me, but an education you had to have says the 50 year old artist.

Paintings for sale at Kindt-Larsen Gallery

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Communication – a constant movement

The painting is a form of communication in constant movement. When the light changes your perception of the painting will alter. You will see new angles and get new inspiration.

Art will connect us with our hidden resources Svend Kindt-Larsen says about creating art for company environments. He has company values and identities in the back of his mind when creating special paintings. He starts the assignments with a visit talking to the leading employees.

Svend Kindt-Larsen finds some of his inspiration in the flora of colours that life and the world has to offer.

One year in colourful Mexico has been stored in his mind and the painting “Indonesia” emanated from memories of the wealth of vegetation. Green with lonely but considerable explosions of colour.

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